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June 21, 2017

Le Kitchen Café, Lyon

Cuisine: A mix of French traditional & gourmet

Taste sensation:
Value for money:

Le Kitchen Café is both cafe and a great spot for a twist on an original french lunch. With only 8 tables inside, this restaurant has a cute and cosy feel about it – it almost reminds me of Melbourne style coffee shop. Like most restaurants in Lyon, this little restaurant ensures their dishes are appropriately curated according to each season with a special focus on vegetables. All the ingredients are both local and organic. When choosing from the menu there is a minimal amount which is not surprising of France as most menus will offer ‘menu du jour’ (menu of the day) and within this you have the option of an entree, main and dessert all for under the price of generally 30 euro.

Our options on this particular day at Le Kitchen Café were (it’s all in French so have fun translating, I certainly did):

Entree: Terrine de Poisson OU Courgette Blanche & Combawa

Main: Saumon Mi-Ciut OU Noix de Joue de Bouef

Dessert: Fraises en Compotee & Sorbet OU Chocolat au Lait Onctueux

(entree+main+dessert 23 euro)

I ordered the below dishes and they were all fantastic in taste and beautifully presented,

To be honest the above dish was probably the worst pick of the bunch, not only does it look a tad like vomit the consistency freaked me out a bit too much. If you haven’t guessed already this was the Courgette Blanche & Combawa (zucchini & kaffir lime). There were some interesting tastes that appealed to me like the pistachios and lime but other than that it was a bit weird. Luckily I ordered a good main which made up for the bad decisions early on in my meal.

This was hands down one of the better salmon dishes I have tasted, apart from yours Mum, obviously that is the best. It came with something called choux rave (Kohlrabi cabbage) which even in english I don’t know what it is. It also came with a parsley emulsion and some bizarre grain which I would liken to barley. Below is my dessert of strawberries and sorbet, this was delicious. It looks a little average in the photos like a big marshmallow on pineapple chunks BUT it’s actually a milk mousse and inside the fluffy little parcel are strawberries and sorbet, talk about a surprise! The little pineapple looking chunks are actually lemon tea cake which was a nice little addition.


So, this restaurant all in all was fantastic and I will definitely be making my way back there. For the price and the quality of the plating and food it really is great value. The best part about this restaurant too is that after the lunch service it turns into a dessert bar, now how could that not be a winner?

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