Day Trip // Cité Médiévale de Pérouges

June 20, 2017

Pérouges, France

Each weekend I have vowed to pick my butt up off the couch and explore new my wonderful city of Lyon and its surrounding areas. Pérouges is only 35km from Lyon and is labelled ‘one of the most beautiful villages’ of France. The medieval city has extraordinarily rich architecture and because of this many historical films have been filmed there. The Three Musketeers was probably the most famous movie filmed in Pérouges, not that I would know since it was filmed in 1973.

There were a few restaurants scattered throughout the town and we chose to eat at a traditional french place that doubled as restaurant and accommodation. You literally stepped back in time when walking inside, the waitresses were dressed in black and white maid uniforms, the interior smelled ancient and moldy and the customers were as old as the city itself, it was great fun! In the images below you can see the carte du vin (wine list) that is almost as big as me and created entirely by calligraphy. You will also notice a bowl of raspberries that absolutely had to make the cut on the blog as they were 12 euro a plate, everyone needs to admire and appreciate these plentiful berries at 1 euro a piece.

Below you will also see the ridiculously overpriced crayfish that I ordered. I really should inform the restaurant that these are actually particularly undersized yabbies and I’m pretty sure we have caught bigger ones in the dam at the farm…but anyway they were quite tasty…c’est la vie (french for that’s life).

And so there it is, a 25 minute drive from Lyon and we were transported into a french medieval world.

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