What are Sports Amateurs?

In sports, an amateur is a person who earns no money from his participation or skill in athletic contests or exhibitions. Until about forty years ago there was a very sharp distinction between the amateur and the professional. The amateur was considered a gentleman, and the professional (who was usually a teacher, coach, or paid contestant) was not. Most of the distinction has vanished, but Olympic matches are still open only to amateurs, as are intercollegiate and interscholastic sports. A person who has once received pay for playing can never again be an amateur; in 1914 the famous Indian athlete, Jim Thorpe, was required to give up the prizes he had won in an Olympic competition because he had once received payment for playing baseball.

There are various organizations in the United States that make the rules to determine what constitutes an amateur in different kinds of competitions. The most important of these are the Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association, the Amateur Athletic Union, the U.S. Gold Association, the U.S. Lawn Tennis Association, and the American Olympic Committee.

Until the 1940s a person lost amateur standing if he accepted payment for endorsing sporting goods, working for a manufacturer of sporting goods, writing regularly about his sport, or earning money in any way that he would be able to do only because of his prominence in the sporting field. Some of these restrictions have been lifted, but teaching or playing the sport for money is still forbidden to the amateur. In many cases the associations and the athletes have conspired to get around these rules with large payments for expenses in traveling and living away from home, and with prizes that can be sold and converted into cash.

Playstation 4 Player Reporting System

playstation 4

Playing online against other teams and individual players is a huge part of the appeal of the Playstation 4 gaming system. The problems begin when you encounter someone who is cheating, or who is playing without care or sportsmanship. The latter is hard to deal with in the game because it can have an immediate effect on your avatar and the game stats you have. Even if something happens in the moment, Sony and PS4 have put a good reporting system in place to prevent player abuse from happening, and to track down and blacklist players who have been reported.

Why Implement a Reporting System?

For whatever reason, some people are driven to not play with good sportsmanship. You may be playing in a world where shooting and destruction are the main points of play – but there are still basic boundaries that have to be followed. For instance, it is generally not accepted in RPG games that you attack other players in neutral places or steal from them.

There are players that somehow think this makes them “big and tough,” when in fact, it just makes them annoying. If they were just annoying that would be one thing – but unsportsmanlike play can wreck your game and game record. Just think if you were racing in a multi-player game where the object is to track down a criminal; but one person would rather smash into you every chance you get. All of that stays as a part of your game score.

There are also the instances of online bullying and verbal abuse that can happen via the Playstation 4 communication system. If you are playing with a team you have invited, there is no problem with your handling it yourself. If you are playing against another team who you don’t know, you need to use the reporting system to take care of the problem.


The Playstation 4 player reporting system is very effective. It was built around a standard flagging system like that which is used on social media networks. The complaint is lodged and then the system management team investigates and makes a decision based on what they find. Some instances may result in the being booted out of this instance of the game or by losing all of the scores and rewards they have accumulated during the current game. Certain types of reporting will mean that a player may be banned immediately from the whole multi-player system.


Reputation goes a long way online, especially on closed networks like the multi-player game platform of the Playstation 4. Sometimes it is enough to just pass the word to avoid a player and there are little complaints about this being done unfairly. In most cases, the only thing that is unfair is that sometimes all Sony can do is block the screen name, they may not be able to permanently block the player from entering the games under a different name. There is increased security and reporting measures being developed to take care of this problem.

Character Classes in Reaper of Souls

diablo 3 reaper of souls witchdoctor gameplay

There are 6 different classes that you can choose from for your character in Diablo III’s latest expansion, Reaper of Souls. They are a continuation of the classes that were available in the earlier versions, but many of the character classes are now enhanced. With the revised combat system, there is also a clearer understanding of how you can learn to use the special skills of each class in co-op play better. If you want to put together a stellar team, it can pay to spend some time brawling with them to get a feel for how well they can use their character before you launch off.

Here is an overview of the classes and their characteristics.


The Crusader character has only existed since the RoS expansion, which launched on March 15, 2014. Its powers are based primarily in physical strength and agility, the main resource a Crusader will use will be wrath. With the Crusader you can execute any number of physical and agility attacks that use a variety of weapons and shields.


The Wizard is the upgraded Sorcerer from other Diablo versions. It has a fast regenerating arcane power source and specializes in casting spells of the natural storm kind.  They can also change the speed of time and teleport themselves, or their enemies.

Witch Doctor

While the Witch Doctor reminds a lot of players of Diablo II’s Necromancer character, it is completely new and different. While both have the ability to cast spells, the Witch Doctor’s spells are focused on summoning monsters and casting curses. They also have a heavy arsenal of poisons and bombs they can use with surprising accuracy. The resource for a Witch Doctor is Mana, the bread of life, which is very slow to regenerate.


The Barbarian is even stronger than the crusader and specializes more in hands on power crunches and crushes using direct physical force rather than weapons. The main resource is Fury, but it is only called into play for massive physical attacks. When it is used it depletes rapidly so it is best to make sure you have enough health and strength left to continue the attack after it is gone.


This Monk bears no relationship to the Sierra Entertainment Monk in the old Diablo expansion: Diablo: Hellfire. For this character, spirit is the driving resource. It is slow to build, but also slow to deplete. Their attacks are all melees and based in martial arts. One of the off parts about this character is that they have a low defensive skill rating that slowly increases in proportion to the amount of time they spend in combat.

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter has replaced both the Amazon and the Assassin characters from the earlier Diablo games. It combines the hatred and discipline resources as their main source of energy, hatred can regenerate quickly in combat, but self-discipline regeneration can be slow going. While they have a lot of basic attack powers, they can also throw bombs.

League of Legends Player Reporting System

league of legends report a player

One of the most popular features of League of Legends (LoL) may surprise you, it isn’t a weapon or skill stat, it’s the ability to report player misbehavior. While player behavior is a problem in many multi-player gaming universes, the sheer size of LoL would make you think they would bow out of reporting system by claiming it would be too complicated; instead they have developed a system that works, and is working. Managing player behavior online isn’t just about making sure there is no bullying going on; it can prevent players from cheating. That can be very important when you are in a tournament or engaged in championship play.

Why Player Reporting?

Online bullying is a huge problem, and bullying isn’t just a problem between kids. Player reporting is designed to handle people who communicate inappropriately during game play, in messaging and on forums. It is also designed to handle “newbie smashing.” This is when players will deliberately keep creating champions and playing as newbies; however since they know the game they can engage other newbies into actions that will destroy both characters. That doesn’t seem like a winning situation for anyone, but for some people it is something they like to do – it also tends to ruin the experience for the real newbie.

Another name for this behavior is “sandbagging.” Player reporting is also used when there is championship or tournament play going on and a player may be cheating or using a hack that is disallowed in the context of the competition, and that is all about playing fair.

Does it Work?

Surprisingly, the LoL player reporting system works very well. It is based in a kind of familiar flagging structure in which a player is flagged and reported for behavior. The responding team then investigates the incident and makes a decision whether to warn or ban the player. Some first offenses may only result in the player’s champion having their stats reset to the beginning, or their losing whatever recent gains they have had. Players who are doing the reporting can write a verbal description, they can also opt to forward recorded histories of forum exchanges and message exchanges.

Is it Ever Unfair?

It is rare that anyone complains that they have been unfairly reported. There is a unique code of ethics among LoL players that uses reporting only as a last resort. Many players will opt to blacklist a player instead, disallowing them from joining tournaments or league teams and turning down invitations for scheduled combat. They will also avoid them in game time. Some players aren’t really doing anything wrong, they are just being annoying.

For beginners who are wondering whether a behavior is allowed in the game or if it should be reported, there are good threads available on the main site dealing with the topic. Players can also query the help techs for answers about how to handle incidents as well before defaulting to the reporting system.