Le Brunch // Veuve Clicquot

June 25, 2017

‘Le Brunch’ing in Lyon

Experiencing a ‘Lazy Sunday’ in France gives the term a whole new meaning when literally everything you can think of is closed! Good luck buying a carton of milk or urgently needing the assistance of a chemist, if you’re sick you let that little sucker of a germ haunt you until Monday because there is no way any Frenchie is getting out of bed on Sunday to assist you. Thankfully though Sunday’s in France are all about finding yourself in a restaurant enjoying the luxuries of good food and wine (because naturally these are open, god forbid you chop off your finger and require a doctor, but if it’s a full glass of vin rouge you are after, just go to your local cafe and they are more than happy to oblige).

Obviously after a five-week holiday, getting back into reality has been tough, all this sitting around really takes it toll (hint of sarcasm detected) so we decided to attend Veuve Clicquot’s, Le Brunch, allowing a full three hours of eating croissants, drinking champagne and dining on dishes curated by Le Kitchen Café’s chef in Lyon. The menu from this day seemed to have been inspired from the restaurant’s current menu which I wrote about in my previous post. The twists they made were really interesting from the meal I ate at the restaurant but tasty  all the same.

Le menu

Below are a few photos of what we ate…

From left to right: Veuve cocktail and croissant; smoked babaganouche with apricot; granola with grapefruit; salmon gravlax

A French Sunday well spent I’d say…


Restaurant Review // Le Kitchen Café

June 21, 2017

Le Kitchen Café, Lyon

Cuisine: A mix of French traditional & gourmet

Taste sensation:
Value for money:

Le Kitchen Café is both cafe and a great spot for a twist on an original french lunch. With only 8 tables inside, this restaurant has a cute and cosy feel about it – it almost reminds me of Melbourne style coffee shop. Like most restaurants in Lyon, this little restaurant ensures their dishes are appropriately curated according to each season with a special focus on vegetables. All the ingredients are both local and organic. When choosing from the menu there is a minimal amount which is not surprising of France as most menus will offer ‘menu du jour’ (menu of the day) and within this you have the option of an entree, main and dessert all for under the price of generally 30 euro.

Our options on this particular day at Le Kitchen Café were (it’s all in French so have fun translating, I certainly did):

Entree: Terrine de Poisson OU Courgette Blanche & Combawa

Main: Saumon Mi-Ciut OU Noix de Joue de Bouef

Dessert: Fraises en Compotee & Sorbet OU Chocolat au Lait Onctueux

(entree+main+dessert 23 euro)

I ordered the below dishes and they were all fantastic in taste and beautifully presented,

To be honest the above dish was probably the worst pick of the bunch, not only does it look a tad like vomit the consistency freaked me out a bit too much. If you haven’t guessed already this was the Courgette Blanche & Combawa (zucchini & kaffir lime). There were some interesting tastes that appealed to me like the pistachios and lime but other than that it was a bit weird. Luckily I ordered a good main which made up for the bad decisions early on in my meal.

This was hands down one of the better salmon dishes I have tasted, apart from yours Mum, obviously that is the best. It came with something called choux rave (Kohlrabi cabbage) which even in english I don’t know what it is. It also came with a parsley emulsion and some bizarre grain which I would liken to barley. Below is my dessert of strawberries and sorbet, this was delicious. It looks a little average in the photos like a big marshmallow on pineapple chunks BUT it’s actually a milk mousse and inside the fluffy little parcel are strawberries and sorbet, talk about a surprise! The little pineapple looking chunks are actually lemon tea cake which was a nice little addition.


So, this restaurant all in all was fantastic and I will definitely be making my way back there. For the price and the quality of the plating and food it really is great value. The best part about this restaurant too is that after the lunch service it turns into a dessert bar, now how could that not be a winner?


Day Trip // Cité Médiévale de Pérouges

June 20, 2017

Pérouges, France

Each weekend I have vowed to pick my butt up off the couch and explore new my wonderful city of Lyon and its surrounding areas. Pérouges is only 35km from Lyon and is labelled ‘one of the most beautiful villages’ of France. The medieval city has extraordinarily rich architecture and because of this many historical films have been filmed there. The Three Musketeers was probably the most famous movie filmed in Pérouges, not that I would know since it was filmed in 1973.

There were a few restaurants scattered throughout the town and we chose to eat at a traditional french place that doubled as restaurant and accommodation. You literally stepped back in time when walking inside, the waitresses were dressed in black and white maid uniforms, the interior smelled ancient and moldy and the customers were as old as the city itself, it was great fun! In the images below you can see the carte du vin (wine list) that is almost as big as me and created entirely by calligraphy. You will also notice a bowl of raspberries that absolutely had to make the cut on the blog as they were 12 euro a plate, everyone needs to admire and appreciate these plentiful berries at 1 euro a piece.

Below you will also see the ridiculously overpriced crayfish that I ordered. I really should inform the restaurant that these are actually particularly undersized yabbies and I’m pretty sure we have caught bigger ones in the dam at the farm…but anyway they were quite tasty…c’est la vie (french for that’s life).

And so there it is, a 25 minute drive from Lyon and we were transported into a french medieval world.


Bonjour et Bienvenue!

June 19, 2017


So if you happened to have come across my blog chances are that you have accidentally happened upon it, proceed to click the back button and think to yourself jeeze not another person writing yet another blog about her life. OR the other reason for visiting is that you are a fabulous member of my family who is willing to come on my European adventure with me and actually wants to read about my life. Truthfully this is the real reason for my adding another millionth blog into the wonderful world that is the internet.

Okay, so… my situation goes as follows, I am a twenty-something housewife (actually a fiancé, but who cares about technicalities) who is unemployed and have far too much time on my hands. I live in Lyon, France with my Husband (fiancé) Mike and child Boris (furry animal child). A day in the life of me will usually consist of sleeping in until socially acceptable (approximately 10am) and then spending the next half of my day planning what to cook for dinner. I kill time in between by watching beaucoup netflix, working out (not really, just taking the furry child for walks) and changing my nail colour. NOW, believe it or not, this is actually a pretty difficult situation to mentally handle – but before you jump to the notion of spoilt brat alert, I am aware of how super blessed I am to be in this position.

My purpose for this blog is to fill in all of this spare time that I have and use it as an escape from my daily boredoms and an outlet for my love of good food and travel…which ask any foodie, these two things go hand in hand, obviously. So, as I wholly intend to use this platform as a fuel for my love of delightful cuisines and travelling around the world, realistically I can only assume that this adventure may hold my attention for perhaps the next 8 months, until my brother curses me for his wasted time in creating this blog (just kidding sweet sweet brother of mine). I truly hope this continues to entertain both myself and YOU, of course. Now please, sit back and enjoy my life adventures in France and abroad, apologies for my terrible photography skills in advance.

Merci Beaucoup xoxo